Video: You’ll Never Make Steak Another Way Again After Seeing His Ingenious Trick

Ordering a steak at a restaurant can be very pricey. Add drinks to the bill and you’ve spent a fortune on a couple of hours out on the town.

We have a way of taking a piece of ordinary steak and giving it the “fall-apart-in-your-mouth” status.

  1. First of all, buy a not-so-pricey piece of steak at your local grocery store. Then you are going to lay it out in a pan and cover it in sea salt. Don’t hold back…be sure to sprinkle a good amount on top.
  2. One important rule: measure the thickness of your steak. This will determine how long you keep the sea salt on the slab of meat for. If the steak is one inch thick, then you will leave the salt on it for one hour. If it is one and a half inches thick…then you’ll be leaving it on for an hour and a half. You may need to do some math but it will pay off in the long run when you are sinking your teeth into a tasty and tender piece of inexpensive meat.

The reason for the large amount of sea salt on the meat? It pulls the moisture out of the meat and breaks down the protein molecules so that the meat opens up and gets extremely tender.

3. Let the meat and salt combo sit for the appropriate amount of time.

After you’ve let your steak sit, you will notice that some moisture has gathered at the bottom of the pan and if you tip the pan, water should drip off the steak.

4. Rinse all the salt off the meat. You should see some crevices from in the meat, giving it a looser feeling when you hold it up. The steak should now feel as if it will fall apart in your hands.

5. Season your meat and toss it on the grill as you would normally do.

Your meat should be flat and not curled up on the edges. When you pull it apart, it should separate easy and smooth and it should break apart when you chew, just like the expensive restaurant steaks.

6. Enjoy your steak for a quarter of the price!

Several viewers tested out the chef’s tip and here are the responses…

“Just tried this with two 3 pound London Broil cuts, and it turned out pretty damn well. Granted, it wasn’t Steakhouse tender, but close, and my god did it turn out well. I would absolutely 100% recommend.”

“Every time I try this no matter how much I wash and rinse it, it still ends up really salty.”

And others have different suggestions…

“Or you could ask the 18 year old at Kroger to run it thru the meat tenderizer and in 10 minutes it will be tenderizer and re wrapped for you and it’s ready to go with millions of little holes in the steak.”

“Well, that’s a bit misleading. Definitely not as tender as a filet. Might try this to get a super tender ribeye.”

In any event, it’s worth a try, as it only takes up an extra two minutes of your time!

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