Trump Pledges To Keep Investigating Clintons

Right throughout the campaign for Trump’s presidency, he said that if he got into office that he would prove how much of a liar Hillary is.

The FBI and supposedly the Russians got together and stopped Hillary from winning the election.

Now a twist in the saga that concerns the investigation into Bill, Hillary and their daughter Chelsea has occurred. Trump has said that he will not personally investigate into their Foundation, but it is thought that he will get a new team looking into the dodgy dealings of the Clinton family.

He will attempt to get foreign governments to release information they have concerning Hillary and the dealings they have had with the Clinton Foundation.

For example, the ambassadors in Colombia and Haiti have been asked to head the investigation to look into any potential criminal activity from the Clinton Foundation in those regions.

It is believed that Bill Clinton received a lot of priority federal funds after the Haiti earthquake and in Colombia it is alleged that a mining company has benefited as a result of their relationship with the Clinton Foundation.

What are your thoughts on this?

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