Newt Exposes Comey

When James Comey re-opened the investigation into Hillary the left went crazy. Because Hillary’s supreme arrogance, her belief she is above the law, was made clear to all Americans.

If I may take a second, because it drives me crazy no liberal will admit this, but she set up that server to avoid FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests.

There is a good reason why we have the FOIA law. Politicians work for us, work for America, or they used to. Now they seem to be all about how many favors they can do to line their pockets.

FOIA is our only true defense against corrupt politicians. They work for us so we have the right to see what they are up to. We can demand to see their documents to verify that they are doing what WE want, not what they want.

To willfully disregard this important, critical American law is an outrage. In any sane world doing so would instantly disqualify you for the office of dog catcher.newt-696x392

But the left wanted to give her the keys to the White House? And then went crazy when James Comey did the right thing and re-opened his investigation.

Keep in mind Anthony Weiner, a soon to be convicted pedophile, had access to these emails but Hillary didn’t want you to see them. How’s that for judgement?

But Newt was troubled by Comey’s reversal, after impossibly going through 650,000 emails in a few days, to not charge her saying,

Newt said,

Newt was right, Comey caved. Even though it worked out in the end this incident leaves 2 questions.

Should Hillary be in prison?

Should Trump keep Comey as FBI director?


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