Kid Rock has never been one to shy away from his redneck tendencies, proudly showcasing his love for all the clichés in not only his riveting music videos but his personal life, as well! Putting the doubters to rest, he teamed up with country music icon Hank Williams Jr. for a striking performance and accompanying video to glorify his southern ways!

Singing their bold song “Redneck Paradise”, Rock and Williams inhabit a profoundly redneck set complete with turkey riding, hunting, big trucks, and all the whiskey you could dream of! The two boys have nothing but love for their “redneck paradise”, proudly singing, “It’s a hole in the wall kinda small but the people are real nice/ And folks in here they’s free and clear/ To drink beer and dance all night, that’s right/ And no one’s uptight in Redneck Paradise.”

Rock and Williams pride their lyrics on the easygoing lifestyle of their southern paradise, as they happily express, And the things we like don’t cost a lot of money/ Good foot stompin’ music gets us by/ Measure up our wealth in friends and family/ We’re gonna hit them honky tonks tonight.”

The unbelievable song is hands down the most riveting redneck anthem we’ve heard yet, complete with shots and frames of genuine, hardworking people that enjoy nothing more than the simple things! It doesn’t get any more homegrown than this. Listen to their jolting tune and tell us what you thought!

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